Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Oily Skin

get rid of oily skin

Maybe your forehead shines a little. Okay, so maybe it shines a lot. There are many reasons for facial floss that resembles 10W-40 motor oil; hormones (particularly when you’re pregnant), stress, the cosmetics you use, and especially heredity.

Give your face a “tea” steam bath
“Steaming” the face using some Swiss Kriss herbal laxative is a good treatment for oily skin. By boiling about two tablespoons of Swiss Kriss, make a ‘tea’ in a big spaghetti pot filled with about two to three quarts of water. Place your head over the steam for about two to three minutes after you take the pot off the stove and then rinse your face with cold water. This process opens the pores and removes excess oil. Do this once or twice each week.

Go synthetic
Use your fingertips when cleaning your face not with stiff washcloths or polyester scrubs. Use sensitive-skin cleansers labeled “synthetic.” Regular soap leaves scummy deposits on your skin so its recommended to use synthetic cleansers.

Mask yourself in mud
Available at most stores where beauty products are sold are clay or mud masks which offer temporary relief. Mud with a darker color absorbs more oil while the white or rose colored clays are recommended for sensitive skin.

Wipe yourself clean
You can remove oil from your skin by gently blotting your face with soft tissues if you have exceptionally oily skin.

Cast the witch hazel spell
Dab a little witch hazel on the tissues for extra punch, — it’s one of the most effective oil absorbers for the money. But because it’s too harsh, don’t use rubbing alcohol.

Take lesson from your child
The same products that the teenagers use to clean their faces during those traumatic “acne years” are effective on your oily skin. (After all, acne is caused by clogged oil glands, among other factors.) When shopping look for benzoyl peroxide gel, preferably in low strength formulation to minimize potential irritation.

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