How to Effectively Get Rid of Black Eye


For some, a black eye is a badge of honor, a symbol of having principles and being willing to fight for them. But for others, it’s an embarrassment – the result of foolishly walking into a door, challenging a guy named Bruno to a fight or going for a pony ride in a fire-snortin’ bronco known as “The Widow Maker”.

Well, never mind how you got that shiner, Here’s how to heal it and hide it quicker than you can say “Knockout!”

Give it a Hawaiian Punch

fruit punch

Eating a pineapple or a papaya – or better yet, a fruit cocktail made of both – can help remedy a black eye. An enzyme found in those fruits changes the molecular structure of the blood, so it’s more easily absorbed by the body. If you have black eye, eat three papayas a day for faster healing. Or you can take up to 600 milligrams of papaya in capsule form (sold in health food stores) for times a day. Loading up on pineapple will also do the trick and both fruits also gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

Let Vitamin C Show its Muscle

vitamin c

It’s well documented that Vitamin C promotes healing – and for anyone who bruises easily, getting plenty of vitamin C in your diet is a must. If you’re sporting black eye, take a daily vitamin C supplement and increase your intake of vitamin C-rich foods such as broccoli, mangoes, peppers and sweet potatoes, to speed the healing process.

Chill Your Shiner with a Frozen Corn

cold bag

Remember when tough guys used to slap a slab of raw steak over a black eye? Well, it isn’t the steak that brings relief; it’s the coldness of the piece of meat that helps decrease blood flow and relieve swelling. But you can save yourself some money (as well as a nice piece of meat) by using anything “icy”. Doctors recommend using a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a washcloth. It contours to your face better than a steak and when you’re done with it, you can just toss the bag back into the freezer and save it for the next day’s treatment. Keep the cold compress on your blackened eye for about 20 minutes, or until the skin begins to feel numb; then remove it for about 10 minutes. You may continue this process on and off for three days, or until swelling subsides.

Avoid Aspirin

avoid aspirin

It’s an anticoagulant, which means it prevents the blood from clotting. If you take aspirin, you may have a harder time stopping the bleeding that causes discoloration and end up with a bigger bruise. If you need a pain reliever, it’s better to stick with other acetaminophen products.

Hide the Damage

A makeup product called Dermablend, available over the conter, is effective at hiding birthmarks and skin discoloration caused by broken blood vessels. You should try it if you really need the immediate camouflage for your mishap.
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