How to Effectively Get Rid of Body Odor

Back when our ancestors were walking on their knuckles, when there were no Johnny Mathis records or candlelight dinners to help set the mood, most folks had a nice, natural ripeness that may have turned on their dinner companions more it turned them off.

How times change. These days that some natural body odor can leave you lonelier than ol’ Uncle Stink before his end-of month bath night. Of course, the smell-good department of pharmacies and supermarkets are well stocked with a scented array of deodorants, which kill the bacteria that cause the odor or mask the smell that the bacteria create.

But many people get irritations from deodorants and antiperspirants. The aluminum salts and other drying agents maybe too strong for sensitive glands in the armpit. Luckily for you (and for everyone around you), there are ways to banish body odor—sans deodorant. Among the most effective ways are:

Don’t stink with zinc
Some people find that body odor problems can be remedied simply by consuming more zinc. Dermatologists suggest that you boost intake with a daily supplement of 25 to 50 milligrams of zinc. Or steer toward zinc-rich foods such as oysters, lean beef, king crab and wheat germ.

“Roll-on” some baking soda
Sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, kills the odor-causing bacteria and absorbs moisture. Many people find that baking soda is just as effective as deodorant. Simple sprinkle a generous amount into your bath and soak yourself, or mix it with a little talcum powder and apply it directly to underarms.

Clean yourself the way doctors do
Surgeons scrub with antibacterial soap before an operation in order to kill bacteria. These soaps are great for people with problem body odor or a tendency to get irritated from deodorants. And they are available over the counter at most drugstores. Just ask the pharmacist for surgical ‘scrub’ soap then wash with it to kill the bacteria that cause body odors. Scrub soap is very effective, yet gentle enough to use in the groin and underarm areas.

Do don some Domeboro
Another over-the-counter product that’s effective alternative to deodorant is Domeboro. It is a powder that you mix in cool or lukewarm water and apply to your problem areas. It will relieve odor and wetness in those areas – whether it’s your underarm, groin or feet or under your breasts.

Shave excess hair under your arms
The presence of hair increases body odor, because it serves as a collection site for secretions, debris and bacteria. Shaving your armpit is one way to reduce body odor problems. However, antiperspirants should not be used on newly shaved skin.

Hold the spices
Extracts of protein and oils from certain foods and spices remains in your body’s secretion and secretions for hours after you eat them. These extracts can impart an odor. Fish, cumin, curry and garlic lead the list. So if you have body odor problems, you’ll have more problems if you eat a lot of these foods.

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