Kick Your Athlete’s Foot Away

home remedy for athletes foot

Considering that this ailment is most often associated with stalwart Schwarzeneggerites, it’s no wonder that most people don’t refer to athlete’s foot by its wimpy clinical name: “ringworm of the feet.”

But truth be told, this nasty little bugger could care less whether your pump up or punk out, whether your running is done in marathon or just into the kitchen for a half time snack, If you want to see what encourages ringworm of the feet, just look down. Whether Nikes or ortho-walkers are your preferred footwear, your shoes are ringworm’s idea of a happy home.

Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that thrives in warm, moist conditions—and the closed shoes present a good ‘incubator’ for these organisms. That’s why athlete’s foot is quite uncommon in primitive cultures where shoes are not worn. But if you wear shoes more often than a bushman does, here’s how to get a toehold on this irritating but relatively harmless infection.

Sock it to ‘em
It’s a good practice to rub a sock up and down your toe webs whenever you take off or put on your socks. Keeping the areas between your toes dry is essential in preventing and treating athlete’s foot.

Get cooking with baking soda
A cheaper alternative to expensive foot powders, baking soda, does essentially the same thing. Moisten one tablespoon of baking soda with lukewarm water to make a paste and rub the mixture on your feet and between your toes. Rinse it off after 15 minutes and dry thoroughly. You can also sprinkle it dry on your toes.

The answer is blowin’ from your dryer
Blowing air from your hair dryer into your shoes is a good way to dry them out after you wear them. You can also use your hair dryer on your feet to dry them. Sometimes it’s more effective than drying it with towel.

Find relief in sheep’s clothing
After removing your shoes, place a lamb’s wool between the tips of your toes to allow air to reach the affected, it helps make conditions for fungal growth less favorable. So if the day’s almost over and you can kick back for a while, prop up your bare feet with some lamb’s wool between your toes.

Put on some antiperspirant
Spraying or rubbing antiperspirant on your feet can keep the sweat away. Any brand will do, as long as it contains the active drying ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate, it will do wonders.

Disinfect your shoes
You can kill off any living fungus spores in your shoes with Lysol and other household disinfectant, some doctors advise. Rub the insides with a paper towel or cloth that has a dab of disinfectant After you take your shoes off. (You can dry out the insides of your shoes by using a hair dryer)

The right solution: Don’t use creams.
Solutions are much better than creams. Antifungal creams have the right ingredients but has the wrong way of presenting them. The issue with creams is that they help trap moisture on your feet, especially between toes. Note: While solutions are more effective for remedying, creams can be used to help prevent athlete’s foot.

Foot brine is fine
A foot soak that eliminates excess perspiration and hampers fungus growth can be made by mixing two teaspoon of salt per pint of warm water. You can soak your feet for five to ten minutes at a time, repeat as often until the condition clears. Added bonus: Antifungal medications can penetrate deeper by using this saline solution because it softens the affected area.

Remove dead skin
Whenever your condition starts improving, remove any dead skin. Fungus are housed in the dead skin that can re-infect you. Remove it by using a bristled scrub to brush on the entire foot and a baby bottle “nipple brush” in between the toe webs. The best place to brush off dead skin is in the shower, so the dead skin goes down the drain without touching other body parts.

Be a shower swapper
You’re supposed to wear a pair of shoes only once every five days in order to allow the shoes to really dry out between wearing, that’s how the theory goes. Doctors suggest that you wear different pairs as often as possible if you don’t have enough shoes to do it.

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