Shocking: This Girl Was Reincarnated 10 Times

It’s almost unbelievable when a three-year-old was telling you stories about her past life. Well, if you met Joey Verwey, a girl, three years of age and tells you incredible stories about her 10 previous lives, you would really believe how true it is from her stories.

Detailed, unusual and vivid stories that no normal three-year-old could have learned from her own. Let’s look at her revelations.

According to this little girl, a cave dweller about 200 million years ago was her first life. Chased by a dinosaur, and leaving stone and bone tools behind in a cave was one of the things she remembered.

Recently, investigators were astonished when she lead them to a series of South African caves that never in her life she had seen. And these exact same caves were the places where Robert Bloom of Royal Society Fellow discovered the missing link between apes and humans (Australopithecus Africanus).

She lived twice as an Egyptian slave and perfectly and accurately remembers the conditions onboard a slave galley. She also remembers their ancient techniques of making stone roads.

She remembers wearing a heavy veil, and saw an elephant with a Princess riding on its carriage in her other undefined memories from other ages.

She also remembers her life as a persecuted Christian with much detail during the wicked reign of terror by the Roman Emperor Nero in the first century, where she may have met St. Peter.

Further recalling her past life, she said she lived in South Africa in the early 1900’s as a grandchild of President Paul Kruger where she had grown and had two husbands and bear 10 children.

These people were proved to be real after a series of thorough investigations, and it was also discovered that one of her children was still alive and in her nineties.

When she was already five years old, Joey was instantly reminded of her own mother when she met this elderly woman and they got in a long, convincing discussions about their past family life together.

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