Amazing Benefits of Sex

Sex: an activity loved by everyone and doesn’t need an advocate to promote it.
It happens naturally just as eating, breathing, drinking, sleeping, and eating, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
Aside from the enjoyable experiences of having sex, you can also count numerous health and body benefits from doing it. You still don’t know what they are but you’ll be surprised when you read what it does to your overall health per se. Ok, let’s cut the story short and let's go to the list of the benefits our favorite bed activity is giving us.

It Is a Great Form of Exercise
When you are having sex, all the movements you do flows in a natural way and also involves your core muscles. It enables our body to move to a rhythm just as like what we do in the gym. Having regular sex not only enhances your overall health but also helps you tone your muscles by burning as much calories as a regular gym workout. Studies conducted has revealed that engaging in sexual intercourse burn at least 4 calories a minute for men and 3 calories per minute for women. In 30 minute engagement, you already burn a considerable amount of calories, but that’s just a bonus to your awesome and enjoyable experience.

It Promotes Overall Heart Health
Sexual engagement improves our heart health by regulating the heartbeat and boosts the flow of blood in our heart just the same as when we are working out. Sex also enables our body to maintain a balanced testosterone and estrogen levels that according to studies, reduce heart problems.

Researchers explained that those people who, at least twice a week, engage in sexual intercourse have a 45 much lesser percent chance of having heart diseases than people who do the activity only once a month. Sex has also been found out that it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, particularly on females.

It Boosts Our Immune System
A sexual health expert, Yvonne Fullbright, conducted a study and found out that people having regular sexual intercourse tend to have lesser sick days. Sex, on a regular basis, promotes an increasing level of immunoglobulin A that plays a vital role in our body’s defense mechanism by acting as an antigen. Increases levels of immunoglobulin A or IGA strengthens the body’s natural defense against bacterial infection and some viruses.

Gives Healthier, Glowing Skin
Studies conducted in Scotland by the Royal Edinburg Hospital in Scotland found out that women who are having sexual activity at least 4 times in a week tend to have younger looking skin. They found out that women looked about 7 to twelve years younger than those who do not have a healthy sexual life. They explained that the release of balanced testosterone and estrogen in the bloodstream during sex results in a radiant, glowing skin.

Helps Control Bladder
Most common among women, this loss of bladder control, is one of the hurdles they face sometime in their lives. Although it’s common, it could be embarrassing sometimes. Minor leakage happens sometimes when you sneeze or a cough but this can be overlooked. But when you experience sudden urges that it won’t even give you a chance to go to the restroom, that’s probably not good. It happens mostly after giving birth.
Although it’s not a direct relief from uncontrollable bladder outbursts, sex can help you gradually get your control back. When having sex, the pelvic muscles strengthen and contract during orgasm.  These muscular movements of the pelvis pave a way for a much better bladder control.

Best Stress Reliever
Couples having a relationship that is full of love and passion has lesser tendency to become stressed physically or mentally. As you can see, mental and physical stress are relative to each other. So if one experiences physical stress, and does a mentally relaxing activity, it does soothe the physical stress as well or vice versa.
Intimate moments spent with your spouse promotes the release of specific hormones that lighten up your mood, improve your blood pressure and makes you feel mentally better overall. Maybe that’s one reason why sexual activity is used in treating people out of depression.

Promote and Improve Sleep
Having a hard time trying to sleep? Have you counted all the sheep and still wide awake? Well, sex can help you sleep. Engaging in sexual activity promotes the release of certain hormones and one of these hormones is called Serotonin; a neurotransmitter that breaks down into melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. During sexual intercourse, hormones like prolactin and oxytocin are also released. These hormones give us the feeling of relaxation, thus promoting us a sound sleep.

Relieves Pain
Studies conducted by neurologists found out that engaging in sexual activities leads to partial or complete pain relief. Patients with a migraine are suggested to have sex during pain attacks and the results are remarkable. It was seen that more than half of the patients in the study experienced improved symptoms during intercourse and 1 out of 5 patients have totally didn’t feel pain from a migraine. The other patients said that they experienced reduced pain during the activity.

Sexual engagements more or less relieve many types of pains such as headaches. While having sex, brain functions’ involvement reduces or practically takes away pain from a headache. Hormones like endorphins are secreted while having intercourse. These peptides stimulate the body’s opiate receptors causing an analgesic effect like the one we get from pain relievers.

Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer
Sexually active men have a lesser chance of getting prostate cancer. Years of studies conducted numerous times over, proved that frequent ejaculation, 21 times a month to be exact, reduces the risk of having the disease. Detailed findings explain that men who ejaculate 4.6 to 7 times a week are 36 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Reduce High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure also known as Hypertension is one of the most predominant lifestyle diseases today. It leads to a multitude of heart-related problems and in worst case scenario, death. Active sex life and healthy lifestyle, however, can keep hypertension at bay. Studies conducted by the chief operating officer and managing director of Amai Wellness, states that engaging in sexual activity and not masturbation helps reduce blood pressure.

While having sex is simply invigorating and totally enjoyable it must be done safely. Safe sex can lead to a lasting and worthwhile relationship with your partner. Love, respect, understanding and a healthy sexual life maintained is a definition of a happy life. Have fun and enjoy.

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