Perhaps one of the most famous or maybe infamous mysteries from the early days up to the present times revolves around the Bermuda Triangle. It is a mythical triangular section in the Atlantic, approximately confined within Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Lots of questions were raised with regards to the disappearance of dozens of planes and ships. Some were explained and some still remains shrouded in mystery.

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Covering about 500 thousand square miles of ocean from the southeastern point of Miami, Florida, the triangular section was referred to as the Bermuda Triangle or the Devils Triangle. During one of Christopher Columbus’ travels, when he traversed in these waters on his first expedition to the New World, he reportedly say that he saw a great flame of fire (it maybe a meteor) crashed into the sea and that weird light appeared a few weeks later a few distance away from their boat. Erratic compass readings were also written by Columbus during his travels in these waters, well perhaps this is because the Bermuda Triangle is one of the few areas on Earth where the true North and Magnetic North lines up.

The disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle didn’t really get the people’s attention until the 20th century. One instance that bewildered lots of people was when a tragedy occurred on March 1918 where the USS Cyclops sank somewhere between Chesapeake Bay and Barbados. Carrying over 300 men and ten thousand tons of manganese ore, the 542-foot sank without sending even a hint of distress signal. No SOS distress calls have been sent even being capable to do so. What makes people wonder even more is after extensive searches, no wreckage has been found until now. How can a big chunk of metal just disappear and be nowhere to be found? This is only one of the mysterious disappearances from the Bermuda Triangle. Below are some more of the famous occurrences that happened in the so-called “Devils Triangle”.

Strange Disappearances

1. 1948, The DC-3 Flight NC-16002

Captain Robert Lindquist, pilot of flight NC-16002 was bound to Miami, Florida from San Juan, Puerto Rico on a fair weather of December 28, 1948. At around 50 miles from Miami, he radioed for a landing and requested instructions. Miami replied back with instructions but got no reply from Lindquist. The plane, expected to arrive, never did and was never heard of again. Reports state that the weather was clear that day and that there were no radio trouble but investigations from the Civil Aeronautics Boards says otherwise. According to their findings, the plane at the beginning had electrical difficulties and batteries needs recharging to communicate with the tower.

2. 1954, Flight 441

Flight 441 is a military carrier aircraft owned by the US and was one of the most successful plane models of all time. it suddenly disappeared with no trace when it was flying, with 42 passengers of naval officers and their families, 400 miles from the coast of the Bermuda Triangle. This is one of the most famous disappearances regarding the Bermuda Triangle up to this day. Investigations led by experts included the pilots’ capabilities, the weather, and the plane's structure but found nothing erroneous that points out to the disappearance. Another thing that puzzled the investigators and searchers is that this plane contains life rafts which, if ever the plane really did crash, it would float on water and would have been traced easily. Lastly, the pilot never even made an SOS call on the ground.

3. December 5, 1945 – The Famous Flight 19

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Five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers that was given the title Flight 19 disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle. It happened during a training flight with 14 men. Five planes disappeared without a trace and nowhere to be found. Search operations conducted found nothing that could lead to a very viable explanation about the disappearance. Many searched for these missing planes including a Martin Mariner Flying Boat with 13 men onboard but also disappeared and was never found. This incident became popular that it became a focus on a science fiction movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. This movie portrays that the lost men were abducted by aliens and was taken to Mars.

Fiction or not, the Bermuda Triangle really lives up to its mysterious characteristics. It was told that these mysteries are already happening 15,000 years before it became really popular. Do aliens really have a hand on these disappearances or does the ancient and mystical city of Atlantis along with its lost technology is behind all the strange phenomena? I guess rumors will stay rumors unless proven otherwise. What fascinates me is, with all the gadgets and technology of the digital age, not all of these strange disappearances were solved and given viable explanation. A big chunk of metal vanishing without a trace up until our modern age is really mind boggling. Well, wherever they went and whatever happened, I guess only God knows the answer.

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