When it comes to intimate moments, you always tend to expect the best from your partner. And whether you like it or not, that’s not always the case. A decline in libido often happens as people grow older but don’t despair, there are actually lots of foods that revs up your libido. Foods that sparks up your sex drive are called aphrodisiac. When consumed, these foods increases your libido, thus, making a night event to be an enjoyable experience. Many foods are considered aphrodisiac but listed below are the ones that get the top 10 spot.

Also called the “Lycopene King”, this fruit gives a Viagra-like effect to our body by relaxing our blood vessels and improving circulation.

Chili Peppers
Chili peppers are considered aphrodisiac because it contains the chemical Capsaicin. This chemical increases circulation to get the blood pumping and further stimulate nerve endings to make you feel more turned on for the long night.

This fruit is high in Vitamin E that lets your body churn out hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen which circulates in your bloodstream, stimulating sexual responses like vaginal lubrication and clitoral swelling.

This feel-good fruit has lots of potassium which is known to give energy and promote muscle strength so when you orgasm, it will be super intense.

We already know that oysters are aphrodisiac that it almost becomes a cliché but it can really spark you up in the mood for some action. This common seafood is high in Zinc, a mineral that induces the production of testosterone, which is linked to higher sex drive.

Red Wine
Before hitting the sack with your partner, getting tipsy with some red wine can make wonders. The resveratrol contained in the red wine makes you ready for some intimate moments by improving your blood circulation before and after intercourse.

Beefed up with high Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon makes a great meal if you’re planning something naughty with your partner for the night. Omega-3 fatty acids keep your sex-hormones at its peak.

This tiny red ruby-like gems enclosed in a thick red husk boasts its antioxidant content. These antioxidants allow more blood to course through blood vessels by protecting its lining. That means more genital sensitivity and more sexual excitement.

I guess everybody loves chocolates. One perk of eating chocolates is that you get a boost in your sex drive. Cocoa in chocolates contains the chemical phenylethylamine that stimulates a feeling of subtle excitement that makes sex a great idea. Be careful not to overeat because you don’t want the belly fat building up.

Olive Oil
In the ancient times of Greece, olive oil is believed to make men be more virile. It is packed with antioxidants and a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which promotes a good and healthy heart and also increases blood flow and hormone production.

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