Anyone chasing the American dream should always consider the following factors of the state they live in. Each state is categorized by its social connectedness, financial security, sense of purpose, physical activity and sense of community. Rankings from the latest survey by Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index show the 10 worst states to live in if we were to consider those five factors.

Among the 10 worst states are the following:

10. Mississippi
Well-Being Index: 61.3
Mississippi is second-worst for financial stability and in the bottom 10 for physical health. But it is buoyed by its residents’ sense of purpose, which ranked No. 3 overall.

9. Rhode Island
Well-Being Index: 61
The 26th happiest state last year, Rhode Island saw huge decreases in its scores for social connectedness (from No. 14 to dead last) and financial security (from No. 19 to No. 43). Sense of community also came in at No. 50. Its only bright spot is physical health, which ranked No. 18.

8. Louisiana
Well-Being Index: 61
The Bayou State comes in among the bottom 10 for financial security, sense of community and physical health.

7. Alabama
Well-Being Index: 61
Last year, Alabama was the 28thhappiest state in the nation. But major deterioration in its survey scores for social connectedness (from No. 12 to No. 43) and declines in sense of community and purpose landed the state among the unhappiest in the country this year.

6. Ohio
Well-Being Index: 60.9
Ohio improved two places year over year, but the Buckeye State still falls into the bottom 10 states for sense of purpose and physical health.

5. Arkansas
Well-Being Index: 60.8
Arkansas slipped two spots from last year and is in the bottom 10 for social connectedness, financial security and physical health.

4. Indiana
Well-Being Index: 60.5
Falling one spot from last year, the Hoosier State ranks in the bottom 10 for sense of purpose and physical activity, and is second-worst for social fulfillment.

3. Oklahoma
Well-Being Index: 60.5
For the second year in a row, Oklahoma is the third unhappiest state. The Sooner State ranks among the bottom 10 for social connectedness, financial security and physical health.

2. Kentucky
Well-Being Index: 60.5
The Bluegrass State was the second unhappiest state in the nation for eighth year in a row. It ranks in the bottom 10 for sense of purpose, social connectedness and physical health. Its best ranking was for sense of community, at No. 29.

1. West Virginia
Well-Being Index: 58.9
For the eighth straight year, West Virginia is the unhappiest state in the country. The state ranked dead last for sense of purpose, financial stability and physical health. It had the second-worst showing for sense of community.

Aside from the fact that the result of this survey it’s purely based on records, it does not actually define how you live your life. You can be happy in any place in the world as long as you’re contented with what life has for you. But if anyone has the option not to stay in these states, go somewhere else where the grass is green.

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