red rain phenomenon
Since time immemorial, our planet has been haunted by strange and bizarre phenomena that give us the creeps. Some extraordinary occurrences had been explained but not all have substantial evidence to really conclude it.
One strange phenomenon that shocked the people of Kottayam and Idukki in Kerala, India was the blood-red colored rain that suddenly pours out from the sky. People in the area, with their superstitious beliefs, thought that it was an omen of bad things to come. Most thought that it was a sign that the world will come to an end. Many questions were raised and many expert studies have been conducted to find answers to what caused this strange occurrence.
red rain
Kottayam in Kerala, India where the Red Rain Phenomenon Occurred

On July 25 to September 23, 2001, heavy downpours of red-colored rain fell at irregular intervals in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This was called as the Red Rain Phenomenon. At first, scientists thought that this occurrence was the same as what happens in Australia where strong winds carry yellow colored sands from a nearby desert that was mixed in with the rainclouds causing a yellow tint downpour. After a series of test on a sample of the red rain, experts found out no sign of sand mixed in the water sample. Instead, they found red strains of cells that replicate without DNA and as we all know, every living thing on earth has its own DNA. The thought of replicating without DNA is just so unlikely, right?
red rain cells sample
Cells in the water sample that replicates but has no DNA

Another occurrence of the red rain also happened in Sri Lanka in the year 2012. This made many people panic even more. 2012 was prophesized to be the end of the world and having crimson-colored rains adds up more to the hype.

Experts, including meteorologists, studied even more regarding the cells that had no DNA which replicates on its own. The say that these cells probably came from a meteorite entering the atmosphere where the particles may have scattered and mixed with rain clouds. Questions of alien life form had been raised because of this. In fact, it could prove that somewhere out there, some kind of life form not known on our planet is present.

Adding up to the strange phenomenon, locals had sightings of strange lights over the horizon nights before the event of the red rain. Others said that they heard a loud noise, something like that of a sonic boom that comes from the sky.

Although many rumors spread across the locals, recent studies commissioned by the government of India found out that the red tint on the water sample was actually spores from locally prolific terrestrial green algae from the genus Trentepohlia and its exact species was later identified as T.annulata by international teams researching it. This was now the most accepted theory that caused the red rain.
red rain

As far as the conclusion is concerned, however, there are still many questions left unanswered. As to how the spores reach the clouds in the first place, it was not answered by the scientists. They can’t really figure out how a vast amount of spores was carried out into the atmosphere and went down with the rain in just a specific location. Another question is why did some researchers find replicating cells that had no DNA? It was also not explained. Well, whatever the reason, we just have to satiate ourselves with the current answers the experts provide. But still, we can’t just eliminate the possibilities of other theories. Our planet is full of mysteries after all.

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