Communication is essential to have a healthy relationship with your partner. This means everything should always be laid out on the table and is open for discussion; including sex. Have you ever had time to talk with your partner and ask how often she wants to have sex? You may think that it's not that important to discuss but in truth, it's apparently important to them. Asking them what they want is a simple gesture of saying you care about how they feel.

Kindara, a Fertility App, conducted a survey and found out that over 53.2 percent of 500 female subjects weren’t pleased with how much intercourse they were having. A massive 75 percent revealed that they like to play around in some capacity for more than three times per week, while an outrageous 13 percent said that they want sex for more than six times a week!
In truth, most women are really cautious when discussing their sexual needs because they fear that they might be judged or misunderstood.
According to Dr. Tyler Ong, a clinical psychologist, and family and marriage therapist, “Women have been taught for many generations to be submissive and silent. These women might decide that it’s not worth confronting their partners about, especially when it might mean a loss of warmth or intimacy in other areas of their lives. Men, after all, tend to suffer from a lessening of their masculinity when told that they weren't able to satisfy their partners.”
That is the main reason why we always need to communicate openly.

A famous men’s magazine, FHM, attempted to confirm these findings by conducting their own survey on how women want to make love. They found out that the answers vary from every person but the average frequency, inclusive of foreplay and quickies, fall about three to four times a week.
Let’s see the detailed responses of the ladies from the survey they conducted below:
“I like to have sex whenever possible. My work schedule is completely opposite with my partner so I really like it wild whenever we have time.” —Nica, 25
“It depends on a lot of factors like work and stress, but generally every other day would be nice. It doesn’t really have to be long, just a meaningful one.” —Aira, 27
“I would be happy with three to four times a week. If there’s a marathon weekend in there, I can handle no sex for a few days after.” —Ella, 28

“Daily would be amazing. Sometimes some quick sex could help by being a real pick-me-up. In reality, though, three to four times with all types of sex would be ideal. It needs to be a mix of both of us initiating though.” —Kim, 29
“I’d say I’d want sex anywhere from four to 10 times a week. It really depends on my mood and free time.” —Charmaine, 22
“I think twice or four times a week is okay. But let me note that it’s about quality over quantity every time. If it’s not great sex, there’s no point.” —Michelle, 30
“I’m cool with three or five times per week. More is a plus, but not necessary. I’m also flexible on the definition of sex. It could just be foreplay or a quickie.” —Lovely, 24
“For me, it’s about feeling wanted, not just the sex. But I’m good with four to six times a week. I’d love to do it on a weekend because there’s nothing to worry about.” —Celine, 29


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