It’s surprising to learn that there is more to moles than meets the eye. To some, a mole may seem as just a little black patch that is almost ignored most of the time but for others, moles can be considered as a nuisance, either because they are really visible on the face or sometimes rub uncomfortably against clothing that they eventually opt to remove it by going to dermatologists.

Ancient Beliefs

Well, if you knew what your facial mole means, would you still decide to remove it? People of Ancient China believe that moles may be lucky or unlucky, depending on where it is located, what it’s size, and color. Facial moles are said to have particular meaning if they are really noticeable or if there is only one of them. Having many moles on the face, however, are said to have less meaning because their visibility is not unique.

Facial Mapping and Mole Meanings

Mole meaning has been derived from the Tong Shu, a Chinese almanac that categorizes the meaning of facial moles depending on its locations. According to it, the face is “mapped” into numbered sections, with each number representing a mole. They determine a particular mole’s meaning by simply matching its location on the face to its corresponding location on the facial map.

Good Luck Moles

Moles visible in certain locations signify great thing in life. It ranges from wealth and prosperity to abundant resources and good health. Based on your mole's location, you may be in for some very good luck!

1. A mole located directly under the eyebrows signifies creativity and intelligence. Their skills may bring them fame, wealth, and success.

2. A mole directly located in the center of the skin just above the upper lip indicates the potential to raise a large family and constant emotional support.

3. A mole located on either side of the mouth means that you will have a balanced, successful life. These individuals may become rich, famous and live an extravagant lifestyle, but also enjoy satisfaction on the home front. Women with these moles may be exceptionally beautiful.

4. A mole at the center of the forehead indicates creativeness, hardworking but highly carefree spirit. They may become great leaders or become successful entrepreneurs.

5. A mole located on either side of the eyebrows signifies power and a headstrong character with great authority. They are the ideal business owners or company leaders.

Bad Luck Moles

Not all moles signify positivity. There are also poorly placed mole that indicates negativity.

1. Moles located at the center of the nose denotes bad signs. These individuals have a tendency to indulge in gambling, overspend, and flirt voraciously. Their greatest challenge is resisting temptation and knowing when to stop.

2. Moles located directly beneath the eyebrows may suggest conflict with extended family members. Stress may also affect their professional and personal aspects of life.

3. Moles found on either side of the nose are also not good. They signify a potential for a person to be extremely ill.

4. A mole on the lips may suggest difficulties in sexual relations and with their diet. Weight concerns are their common problem that may lead to depression.

Here’s a video of other mole locations and their meaning. Watch it, its fun!


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