For women, it is important that their breasts are firm, perky and healthy. It makes them feel sexy and confident.

Due to various factors like breastfeeding, menopause, bad diet, diseases and wearing wrong sizes of the bra, the breasts can become saggy.

By tightening the tissues of the breast, it will become perky and firm. You’ll be able to get the shape that you want. Tightened tissues can lift them up.

The most effective way to achieve this is through surgery. But it can be painful and most of all, it’s expensive. It can also make things worse sometimes.

At home, you can achieve the same effects using natural treatments which are effective and completely safe.

Aloe Vera gel and almond oil

Used for a long time, Aloe Vera gel has the power to eliminate wrinkles because it tightens the skin. By regular massaging Aloe Vera gel into the breasts, it can affect the muscles of the breasts. Almond oil aids in the circulation and improves the blood flows so it burns up the blood vessels and lifts the breasts up.

Olive oil

Olive oil has all the excellent and beneficial properties needed by the body for nutrition and health. It’s good for the skin because it tightens it up. Massage it into your breasts every day and you will notice improvements

Egg yolk and cucumber

Cucumber has the power to hydrate and refresh the skin. That’s why it is used a lot in many cosmetic products. The egg yolk from the egg is very nutritious.

Just mix them together and massage into the breast. Let it sit for 1 hour. After that, wash it off with water. Apply it once a day. Repeat the treatment for 1 week. This mixture affects the muscles of the breast and the skin


Proper diet plays a vital role for you to achieve good-shaped breasts. You need to consume lots of vitamins, minerals calcium and proteins. It is very important for the whole organism and body. Eat veggies like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbages, and cauliflower. Caffeine and smoking are strongly forbidden.


Swimming being a great exercise for the body is very effective when it comes to firming and shaping the body. You can completely change your body by doing it only for 30 minutes a day. What’s great for tightening the breast is the movements’ that you do.

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