In the Philippines, it is well known as “Malunggay”, in English as Drumstick Tree, Horse Radish Tree, and Ben Oil Tree. It has white trunks, can grow up to 9 meters high with a compound leaf which has 4-9 leaflets.It bears white fragrant flowers which produce long pods with 3-angled winged seeds

Considered as the “poor man’s vegetable, Malunggay is packed with vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to fight and cure different kinds of illness. “Miracle Tree” as it is now known, its parts from roots, trunk, and branches to the seeds leaves and flowers are usable for medical and nutritional purposes.

Check out the many benefits of eating Malunggay:

1. Normalize the sugar level of the body (Diabetes)

Diabetes is common nowadays. Hyperglycemia is one of the most common symptoms of it. But by just taking Malunggay tea leaves you can manage or treat diabetes. Just add one tablespoon of Malunggay leaves into a cup of water and brewed it for 5 minutes. After taking your daily breakfast, you may drink your tea. By doing this regularly, your blood sugar levels would significantly decrease.

2. Anti-Cancer

Malunggay contains benzyl isothiocyanate which has as anti-tumor and chemoprotective capabilities. For those battling cancer, this chemo-protective aspect is critical; this helps strengthen cells so that chemotherapy can be tolerated. Malunggay is also considered in the treatment of skin and prostate cancer.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Malunggay leaves contribute and balance the body’s level of cholesterol because it contains potassium, protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A, B and C.

4. Antibacterial, Antifungal and Anti-Infectious

Malunggay leaves contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, beta-carotene, lipoprotein, vitamin A, B, C, and E and thiamin. That’s why it is proved to be used in herbal medicine for anti-infectious, antibacterial and antifungal. Isothiocyanate, which is the specific component of Malunggay leaves, exhibits hypotensive, antibacterial and anticancer in our body. Also found in its leaves is Pterygospermin which acts as antimicrobial.

5. Strengthen the Immune System

Being compared to commercially-made vitamins and other supplements, Malunggay leaves has a 10x more capacity in helping to boost the immune system

6. Treat Common Cold, Fever and Asthma

This miraculous plant can strengthen the immune system and attack diseases. It has more vitamin C than other fruits. When cold, asthma or fever occur in your body, it’s the best medicine to heal naturally. Its young root can also treat fever. It is recommended that its seed and juice of the young root be mixed with milk to treat Asthma.

7. Treat Rheumatism

Due to its amino acid histidine, it can be used to heal those aching muscles and it also effective to reduce rheumatism since. The roasted Malunggay leaves and seeds can work together be applied in painful areas of rheumatism. Vitamin B1 of Malunggay is also preventing rheumatism.

8. High Cholesterol

Malunggay leaves contribute and balance the body’s level of cholesterol because it contains potassium, protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A, B and C.

9. Heal Ulcers

Healing of ulcers or gastritis is another benefit of Malunggay leaves. Due to its amino acid histidine, it can be used in healing ulcer and glutamic acid.

10. Boosts fertility.

Malunggay enhances sexual activity. Its flower combined with soy milk is used as an aphrodisiac and promote fertility for men.

11. Restores Skin Condition

Among men and women, skin problems are the main interest. You would really find a way to solve your skin problems. By eating Malunggay’s young and fresh leaves, irritated and reddened skin can be reduced.

12. Strengthen the Eye Muscles

Vitamins and minerals present in Malunggay leaves prevent general micronutrient disorder. Its Vitamin E component can strengthen muscle weakness including eye muscles. The juice from its leaves can be applied in the eye in fainting fits due to nervous debility.

13. More Milk for Breast-feeding

For the babies to prevent malnutrition, breastfeeding mothers need to give the best milk for them. By consuming Malunggay leaves, mothers would be able to produce more milk.

14. Promote Good-Night Sleep

If you lack sleep, you can use Malunggay as a natural sleep aid to make a very well good-night sleep. It makes you relaxed and prevents nervous disorder. Problems related to anxiety during sleeping time can be solved by the anti-spasmodic and the vitamins present in Malunggay leaves.

Other Facts about Malunggay:

1. Malunggay contains three times the potassium in bananas.

2. Malunggay contains four times the vitamin A than carrots.

3. An ounce of malunggay has the same Vitamin C content as seven oranges.

4. Malunggay leaves contain two times protein than milk.

Here’s how to make a Malunggay Tea

1. Pick out 4 to 5 branches from the tree. Choose those with lots of leaves.

2. Place them on a tray and leave in a dry place anywhere in your home for 3-4 days or until the leaves dry up and become crumpled. No need for sunlight.

3. Pick out the crumpled leaves from the twigs and place in a dry pan over a low fire. Do not place oil or water in the pan.

4. Cook the leaves, turning them over with a cooking spoon so that the leaves are cooked evenly. They are cooked when they look toasted but make sure not put too much heat because it will get burned.

5. Store the cooked leaves in any container with a cover.

6. To make the tea, take a tablespoon of the cooked leaves from the container and place in a cup of hot water. Let sit until the water absorbs the green color and nutrients of the leaves. the time it takes to make the tea is the same amount of time as making ordinary tea from tea bags.

7. Remove the leaves from the cup.

Optional: Add honey for better taste.