Nowadays, everyone is so addicted to the internet. Accessing on it becomes a lot easier due to the revolution of Wi-Fi. Technology is everywhere.

Regardless of where we go, we are now able to surf the Net whenever we need it. It is really harder for us to escape modern technology and exposure to radiation. There were lots of people with cell phones and wireless devices.

Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, there were studies performed concerning its safety for the people using it. A clear and shocking report was found out – Wi-Fi can negatively affect brain health and overall health of those exposed to it, especially children.

This may not be new or even controversial to you. But here are the facts that would help you explore the dangers of Wi-Fi.

1. Damaging Childhood Development

Exposure to non-thermal radio frequency radiation from cellular phones and Wi-Fi’s can interrupt the development of cells, especially fetal development. In short, exposure of the developmentally young in Wi-Fi increases their risk of developmental issues.

2. Linked to Cancer

Using an animal model, exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development. And in one study performed in a human who involves a young 21-year-old woman who developed a tumor (breast cancer) right on the spot she carried her cell phone in her bra. Her family did not have a predisposition to breast cancer.

3. Insomnia

According to studies, those exposed to the electromagnetic radiation changes their brainwave patterns and significantly have more difficult time falling asleep. Sleeping near your phones in a home with Wi-Fi can create chronic sleep problems due to the constant bombardment of Wi-Fi pollution. It interferes with falling asleep and sleeps patterns. Inadequate sleep is linked to the development of depression and hypertension.

4. Derails Brain Function

As scientists look at the impact of 4G radiation on brain function, they have found out that persons exposed to this radiation had several areas of reduced brain activity.

5. Reduces Brain Activity in Females

Females exposed to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from a wireless access point for about 45 minutes had a noticeable change in brain activity and energy levels. Don’t get too comfortable guys!

6. May Impact Fertility

According to an animal study, some wireless frequencies may prevent egg implantation. In a research where mice were exposed 2 hours a day for 45 days, it shows that there are a significantly increased oxidative stress levels. The impact on DNA structure and cellular damage from exposure suggest that there is a strong possibility of abnormal pregnancy or failure of the egg to implant.

That’s why it is suggested that pregnant women must avoid using wireless devices and distance themselves from other users.

7. Provokes Cardiac Stress

Being surrounded by wireless networks or 3G or LTE cell phones, you may experience a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies. What is a physical response? It is the increased heart rate — similar to the heart rate of an individual under stress.

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