The bloating of your stomach is not necessarily the end result of too much fat in that area and over eating of certain foods.

This normally happens once you are not able to take in consideration the type of food you are eating, the time you eat your meals and the ways you cook your food.

Luckily, it can be easily be controlled.

By sticking on this plan, you will soon notice that your belly fat slowly fade without following any regimes and diet plans.

Here’s how to do it:

For 2 to 3 minutes, massage the belly area above your navel using your 4 fingers, moving circularly. Then for another 2-3 minutes, change its direction. This will aid in getting rid of those accumulated gases in your belly.

You should repeat the same movements if you want to eliminate the retained water in your stomach. But this time, it must be much closer to the navel. The point mark in the picture must be pressed and massage the area putting greater pressure in circular movements. Of course, the massage should not hurt.

Massage the lower abdomen in the same way if you want to relieve the weight you are feeling.

In addition to this massage, you should also follow these tips:

-Always start your day with some lemon water – processes which occur in the stomach can be regulated by taking of vitamin C before breakfast.

-Refrain from drinking beverages while eating –they just hinder digestion, which then results bloating.

-Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach – it destroys the healthy microflora in the gut and inhibits digestion

-Drink ginger tea – it prevents the formation of gases and improves circulation

-Eat and chew slowly -- You can swallow excess air when chewing quickly and this causes bloating.

Relax – You should always have a regular meditation in the fresh air for 15 minutes or should go for a short walk.

Also below is a video where you will find a recipe that will help you to remove bloated belly:


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