Toning some areas of the body sometimes need more attention than some parts of the body because there are some parts that are susceptible to accumulating stubborn fats. It seems that after you have toned the rest of your body through arduous exercise, the fats on certain areas seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

One area that usually needs more attention is the arms. A lot of people complain about flab that hangs from the upper arms when holding their hands on their waist or when they are extending their arms around someone’s shoulder.

Flabby arms, especially with women may be accompanied by armpit fat, which seems to spill over when they try to wear strapless garments.

For many people, arm fat can be a major confidence killer, which happens a lot of people also want to get rid of it. People with visible arm fat usually resort to wearing long sleeves.

You can get rid of stubborn arm fat with the right and proper exercise routine that you can do even at home.

Here are some easy exercise routines that if performed regularly and accompanied by proper diet, can get rid of arm fat quickly.

1. Simple Arm Rotating Exercise

This simple exercise can be done almost anywhere. Make this your first exercise on your arm fat-reduction exercise routine. It also serves as a great warm-up exercise, along with burning fat.

Make sure to do this exercise twice in a day, or more frequently if possible.

2. Scissors Exercise

This exercise tones and strengthen the arms. It can also be performed as the first exercise to a routine.

Execute this exercise twice daily, or more frequently if possible. It can also be done almost everywhere just like the first exercise mentioned.

3. Arm Plunge Exercise

Arm plunge exercise lets you flex your biceps and triceps all the way out, making it a great arm exercise. It gradually molds your arms into shape.

Do this great exercise twice daily. Try to hold a can of tomatoes or a water bottle in each hand to have something to grip onto which in turn will squeeze your muscles, giving some extra flexing action into your arms.

4. Push-and-Stretch Elbow Exercise

This exercise routine is a two-step process. This includes pushing back your elbows and then stretching it out.

It is a bit more detailed than the other exercises, therefore it’s a good follow-up exercise if performed as part of a routine. You can also do it as a standalone exercise.

Make sure to this twice daily.

5. Upside-Down “Namaste” Exercise

This exercise is great for advanced triceps action.

Perform this exercise twice every day.

6. Push-and-Pull Exercise

Another exercise to tone your flabby arms is doing the push and pull exercise.

Do this exercise twice every day.

Beginners’ Tip:

This exercise is a bit tiring on the legs. Make sure to take enough breaks to rest your body as you do this exercise.

7. Floor Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the great ways to tone your arms.

But keep in mind that push-ups work well as part of an overall training exercise that combines aerobic exercises, such as, jogging, running, brisk walking, and swimming.

The reason behind this is because there are two kinds of flabby arms – flab resulting from loose skin and flab from fat deposits. Push-ups are effective on flabs from the loose skin because it effectively tightens the skin and tone of the triceps.

Perform this exercise twice per day and increase the number of repetitions as you get stronger.

8. Wall Push-Ups

The same rules apply whether you’re performing push-ups against the wall or on the floor. Make sure to do this with aerobic exercises too for maximum benefit.

Do this exercise twice daily.

9. Chair Dip Exercise

This exercise is isolated to target the muscles of your upper arms which is called the triceps. It helps tone any sagging or loose skin in that specific area.

Do this exercise twice every day.

Beginners’ Tip:

Make sure to keep your knees closer to your chest while performing this exercise routine for better balance.

10. Arm Kickback Exercise

This exercise is a must-do routine! It doesn’t only strengthen your arms but also tones your triceps in just a matter of days.

Do this exercise twice every day.

Check this video for more arm exercises:


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