Negative energy at home creates a negative flow of things that happens. These negative energies also affect our daily lives, making us anxious, stressed and lonely, feeling fatigued, and depressed. Sometimes, these negative vibes are unavoidable, but they can be removed.

The first step in removing the bad aura surrounding your home is by detecting where it is. There are several methods that can help you detect negative energy at home but this specific trick in this article is quite simple and very efficient and will also retain the harmony in your house.

You can also figure out if there is negative energy in your house if there is persisting bad luck, financial problems, impulsive behavior, relationship problems, etc.

Here’s a simple, yet effective way of detecting negative energy at home:

All you need is 1 glass of water and that’s it.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Find a clean glass, without any marks on it, drawing or colors.

2. Put 1/3 of salt sea in the glass.

3. Pour 2/3 of apple cider vinegar.

4. Pour water.

5. Look for a place at your house that you think has negative energy. It’s probably on a dark corner.

6. Leave the glass of water on that spot for 24 hours.

7. Take a look at the state of the glass after leaving it for 24 hours.

After a span of 24 hours and you notice that the water in the glass has changed its color to a tint of dyed green or looks gasified, then that means that the area you left it is reeking of negative energy. To gradually get rid of the negative energy, all you have to do is throw the contents of the glass in the toilet and flush it. Then, fill the glass again with clear water and put it in the same place where the negative energy is and leave it again for another day. Keep repeating the process until the water in the glass is still clear after a day. You can do this process in other areas of your house too.


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