It has always been a challenge when treating chronic cough and bronchitis even for conventional medicine up until this age.

Dealing with this health issue can be difficult but there are new natural remedies discovered that contain some of the most powerful and oldest ingredients that relieve throat and lung problems brought about by coughing.

Honey and bananas are the ones that contain beneficial compounds that can treat your chronic cough as well as bronchitis in no time.

This powerful recipe listed below can treat a bad cough, sore throat, and even stomach problems. This remedy can be used by both children and adult and has a very satisfying taste.

Here is How You Prepare the Mixture:

Needed Ingredients:

400 ml boiling water

2 medium ripe bananas (preferably with dots on skin)

2 tablespoons of honey

Instructions on How to Prepare:

The first thing you need to do is to peel the bananas and make a puree out of it with a wooden fork or spoon. Try not to use metal utensils because bananas reacts to metal that causes it to darken when in contact.

Place the banana puree in a pot and add boiled water in it. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

After the mixture has cooled off, add the honey. It’s important that you add honey after the boiling water so that it doesn’t lose its beneficial properties over to it.

How to Consume:

Drink 100ml of this mixture 4 times daily (a total of 400ml a day)

The amount of mixture you prepared is enough for one day and it’s best that you prepare a fresh one the next morning. Repeat the process until you feel better. Results can be felt 5 days from the day you first took the mixture.

Always appreciate nature more because it always gives you beneficial remedies that are sometimes even better than conventional medicine.


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