Mom Holds Her Lifeless Child In Her Arms–See How Powerful A Mother’s Love Can Be

A very heart-touching Ad for a Thai baby product has people on the internet all teary-eyed because of its powerful message of hope, perseverance, and a mother’s love. The ad, released by Babi Mild with a title “A Mother’s Intuition”, revolves around a mother who has just given birth to twins. Sadness surrounds the plot as she goes to look at her twin babies in the delivery room where the twins were lying next to each other. What she noticed was one of the twins have a spark of life, while the other isn’t showing any movement and with pale color.

Scared and saddened by what she sees, the mother picks up the lifeless looking twin and holds him close and speaks words of encouragement to him while she weeps her heart out. As somebody translated it on YouTube, what the mother said to the child is “Are you sleeping? Wake up, wake up my little one.” The other people in the room also got emotional because of what they are witnessing. As the mom continued to comfort the baby, something miraculous happened and the baby started to cry! The once lifeless looking baby begins to move his fingers by curling it up into a fist and the starts to cry his eyes out.

This video on YouTube has gone viral and has almost 3.2 million views already at this time of writing. And the comments on the video shows just how powerful the message is.

One Youtuber named K Dizzle said the video literally moved him to tears. He said, “Man, where are my tissues?” Another commenter, cucumberburps, wrote, “Wow, I’m still crying.”

Watch this short clip and make sure you have your tissues with you…

There is no doubt, a mother’s love for her child is beyond compare. She is the one who deserves all the best in your family. Share this if you love your mom.

SOURCES: and YouTube/Babi Mild

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