Read on to find out what your birth month says about you! You’ll be surprised by how accurately your birth month describes you.

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January Baby

1. They draw eyes wherever they go
2. They are easily bored
3. They are more sensitive than most and it takes time for them to recover when emotionally hurt
4. They have a stubborn side but are also extremely down-to-earth

February Baby

1. Loves truth and abstract
2. They are wise and clever
3. The most attractive and sexiest out of all of us
4. Quiet, shy, and humble
5. They are aggressive when restrained
6. Doesn’t like useless things
7. Sometimes bold and annoying

March Baby

1. They have an attractive personality that others find it sexy
2. They are amazingly affectionate but are often shy and reserved at first
3. They are instinctively honest and shower those they care with generosity
4. They are great kissers
5. They love to keep secrets and they are extremely trustworthy
6. They are very observant

April Baby

1. They are suave and compromising
2. They are funny and very talkative
3. They are the calm and cool type
4. They work well with others and very confident
5. They have a wonderful mindset and accurate memory
6. They are outgoing, hyper and have bubbly personality
7. Loves sports and other outdoor activities

May Baby

1. They are the stubborn type and emotionally passive
2. They have an extremely strong will and are severely motivated
3. They are beautiful inside and out
4. They always have a firm standpoint and their motivation is never lacking
5. They are often shy towards the opposite sex
6. They are big dreamers and have vivid imaginations
7. They love arts and literature
8. They love to travel and are restless at home
9. They are high-spirited and very hardworking

June Baby

1. They are given a pleasant persona and are fun to be around
2. They are flirty and more probable to have a totally appealing partner
3. They have terrific preference in movie
4. They like to make new friends and loves going out
5. They have the looks to become a successful actor/actress

July Baby

1. They are difficult to read and are always misunderstood
2. They are fun to be around but have a secretive side
3. They take pride in their appearance
4. They are easily comforted and they are honest
5. They are sensitive but also concerned with other people’s feelings
6. They are very friendly and approachable
7. They have a witty and shining personality
8. There are forgiving but they rarely forget
9. They don’t like nonsensical and unnecessary things and they form opinions carefully
10. They possess caring and loving qualities
11. They aren’t aggressive unless provoked and they love to be loved

August Baby

1. They are the outgoing characters, risk-takers and lacks self-control
2. They are self-confident, loud and boisterous
3. They love speaking and singing
4. They hate studying
5. They are daydreamers but are easily gets distracted
6. They are mysterious, yet charming to people around them
7. They are independent, strong-willed, and a fighter

September Baby

1. They are always on the go and very dynamic
2. They tend to decide abruptly but regrets their decisions later
3. They are attractive and takes good care of themselves
4. They have strong mentality and craves attention
5. They are diplomatic, friendly, comforting, and has the ability to solve other people’s problems
6. They are brave and fear nothing, thanks to their adventurous side
7. They are loving and caring and very passionate lovers
8. They always manage to motivate others due to their own incredible self-motivation
9. They are sexy in their own way

October Baby

1. They always love to chat
2. They love individuals who love them back
3. They constantly make new friends
4. They recover quickly when emotionally hurt
5. They are opinionated and doesn’t control their feelings
6. They treat their friends with utmost importance
7. They sometimes lie but they are not pretenders

November Baby

1. They are the most loyal and trustworthy
2. They are passionate but has a wild side
3. They are both sexy and mysterious
4. They are playful but has a sassy, secretive side
5. They are like fireworks, they sometimes just burst out
6. They are brainy and usually, November guys are the best
7. They are very sociable and friendly
8. They are also the best partners

December Baby

1. They are no doubt the most handsome man and woman of them all
2. They are loyal, generous, and patriotic
3. They are sometimes hasty and impatient
4. They are easily motivated via kindness
5. They are polite and smooth-spoken
6. They are choosy and desires the exceptional
7. They have good debating skills
8. They love music and comic stories
So what month are you in? Does it really describe you? Share it with your friends to show them who they really are! Have fun…

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