One of the leading cause of death worldwide is breast cancer. That’s why a lot of women nowadays keep battling with it on a daily basis.

The famous Professor Jane Plant is one of these women. She’s a mother, a devoted wife, and widely respected scientist.

Yet, she was diagnosed with this cancer at the age of 42, in 1987.  Fortunately, instead of giving up, she decided to fight. This resulted in the creation of a lifestyle program and a revolutionary diet that saved her life.

Her scientist husband, together with a team of experts, have found the reason why Chinese people don’t get breast cancer. Jane Plant used these findings to win her own battle.

She explains her miraculous method with the goal to help all women who suffer from breast cancer.

She explained in details the way she restores her health and managed to treat cancer. She wondered why Chinese women do not develop breast cancer. That’s why together with her husband, they tried to understand it logically and blended their scientific backgrounds.

They came to the percentage of fats in diets. In the 1980s, in the average Chinese diet, fat made up only l4% of calories while 36% fats in the Western diet.

However, before Jane developed breast cancer, she’s in as low-fat diet. So, she knew that was not the cause of it all.

As they were working together one day, one of them got into an idea that the Chinese people do not consume dairy products! This made them think about all their Chinese friends who believe milk is for babies only and those friends who are intolerant to milk.

As they continue with their research they found out that they did not have a friend or an acquaintance from China who gave cow products to their babies.

So she remembered the time during the ending of the Cultural Revolution wherein she entertained a big Chinese delegation of scientists. All the Chinese politely refuses the pudding with lots of ice cream as a dessert.

Milk was the reason! Almost 70% of the world’s population cannot digest the milk sugar, lactose. Milk is the main cause of most allergies. Jane just remembered that before she was diagnosed with cancer, she consumed lots of dairy products because it was her main protein source.

She ate lean minced beef and during her chemotherapy she consume yogurts to help digestion as well as stimulate the development of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut.

What completely made her decide to avoid these products is the findings of Dr. Daniel Cramer of Harvard University that there is a link between ovarian cancer and dairy.

She also found that numerous products daily use, like biscuits, cakes, commercial soups, soy, sunflower oil, margarine, and olive, include dairy products in some form.

At this time, Jane was undergoing a chemo and suffering from the fifth cancerous lump with calipers. However, it gave no positive effects, the lump remained in the same size.

Therefore, the lump in the neck started to itch, and shrink in size after 2 weeks as soon as Jane stopped consuming dairy.

She started meditation for an hour every day after 6 weeks. She felt somehow that the lump is gone. She confirmed that it was no longer there when she visited her cancer specialist at Charing Cross Hospital in London after three days

Nowadays, she enjoys her health and well-being. Jane says that even though some are doubtful, she is certain that the link between breast cancer and dairy produce is the same as the link between lung cancer and smoking.

While making herself a living proof, she is convinced that her discovery helped her in fighting and curing breast cancer

In the video below, Jane shares her experience with breast cancer, and the use of the Chinese method that saved her life. Make sure you watch it out in order to learn from her experience:


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