It is recommended by doctors to drink six or eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid or water every day. Does this sound a lot? No, because each day you lose a lot of water. You go to the bathroom; you sweat; you lose liquid in your breath as you talk and breathe.

Additionally, in order for your body to function properly, it relies on water. So once you don’t get enough of it, your body may start feeling it. Check out below the list of some common symptoms of you might be feeling if you don’t get enough water. If some items sound familiar to you, then you might need to start drinking more water

1. Your mouth is dry

This symptom is usually ignored by us. Once your mouth gets dry, always go for water, not for a sport or soft drink. Water is what your body is craving for.

2. Your skin is dry

Your skin is your largest organ. It’s going to show on your skin once you don’t drink enough water.

3. You have dry eyes

Not drinking enough water affects different parts of the body including the eye. During your last hangover, you certainly woke up not only with a headache and thirsty but also with red eyes too. Alcohol dehydrates you!

4. You experience joint pain

You could have sore joints if you are not getting enough water in your diet. This is because your joints are made up of 80 percent water.

5. Your urine is dark

The normal color of your urine is light yellow or clear --- if you drink enough water. Darker than that is a sign that you’re not getting enough water.

6. You have hunger pains

Hunger pains are sometimes signals given by your body in order for you to drink more. Once your body hasn’t gotten enough water, it receives mixed signals causing you and the body itself to believe that you need to eat rather than you need to hydrate. That’s why drink a lot of water first and see how you feel the next time you got a hunger pain.

7. You're constipated

If your stool is hard or you are constipated, it’s a sign you are not getting enough water. Drinking water regularly will make your bowel movement regular as well as your stool soft.

8. You stay sick longer

If you got sick longer than the usual, it might be because you are not hydrated enough. Toxins and other bad things in the body are flushed away by the water you drink. That’s why when you are sick; it is advised by doctors to get plenty of liquids. So, just follow them and drink lots of water.

9. Fatigue

If you feel over fatigue, it might be because your body might not have enough water to help keep your body running. Drink enough water to prevent it

10. Dizziness

One cause of dizziness is dehydration. If you feel dizzy after a workout session or being out in the sun, drink water.

Additionally, dehydration can cause more serious problems such as:

- Confusion

- Less frequent urination

- Dark-colored urine

- Fatigue- Extreme thirst



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