All of us are familiar that Lemons are one of the healthiest food on the planet. They improve the taste of our everyday meal and give us lots of nutrients all at once.

Lemon juice has antioxidants and flavonoids, that’s why it is worthy for curing many diseases.

The juice of lemons gives us numerous benefits, especially when freezing it. These are the reasons why freezing lemons are so worth the effort.

The green and yellow skin of this food gives many health benefits. It has substances that regulate cholesterol, enhance immunity and even prevents us from getting cancer.

The peel eliminates bacteria, kills microbes as well as fungi. This is important for removing worms and parasites inside the human intestines.

Substances from lemons are the useful in all detox ideas, regardless if you drink lemon water, lemon tea or lemonade.


Specialists have linked eating fresh fruits and veggies with a lower risk of diseases.

Here are the top lemon benefits you can enjoy:

Cancer prevention

Reduce stroke risk

Immunity booster

Cures infections

Prevents asthma

Prevents depression and stress

Cleanse our liver and kidney


Juices, particularly from lemons, are fully packed with Vitamin C. Hence, studies show that lemon peel has a lot of higher nutrients.

Lemon peel kills tons of toxins and wastes inside our body. This is the reason why lemons are best for cancer cases.

Cancer and lemons have a strong connection. Many years were spent by some experts to test if lemons can kill cancer cells. In addition, they verified it that this might be possible.

Ever since the 70’s they had over 20 lab experiments and it was said that the extract of frozen lemons can take down cancer cells of even 12 cancer cases similar to colon, lung, breast, pancreas and prostate cancer.

Several studies said that frozen lemons can kill cancer cells better than chemotherapy.

They also believed that lemons are safer and healthier than chemotherapy and that’s a fact. Studies also showed lemon peelings can kill cancer cells better than chemotherapy and brings healthy cells separately.


The lemon peel has 5 or even 10 additional vitamins than the juice itself.

According to Dr. Marilyn Glenville, nutrition specialized on women health, believed that the mixture of nutritious peel is good for our health. She added also for BBC food that most of the antioxidants from lemon are in the peel and core, instead of pulp. She also said that it’s better to take smoothies rather than a juice because you’ll eat the entire fruit, peel and not throw even a single worthy item.

Lemons are not the best preferred due to the acidic or nasty skin and taste. However, you can get the best of them by reducing the sharp flavor with our recipe.

Freeze Lemons

Wash down the lemons with baking soda or organic ACV. Clean them well and pat them until dry. Freeze them overnight. After they are frozen, grate them fully including seeds, pulp, peel, everything. Place the shreds in ice cube trays and let them freeze again. You can use this method whenever and everything.

Try to use them for every meal that you want, the taste goes with everything.

You can add the grated shreds in salads, soup, desserts, yogurt, ice cream and pasta sauces.

Add 1 tbsp of them in teas, juices, smoothies. These procedures are wonderful for baking products too. Be resourceful!


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