As the book “The morning banana diet” released and issued by Hitoshi Watanabe, this diet routine developed an enormous international hit.

This diet procedure helps you lose weight up to 10 pounds within a week, without investing special efforts or joining some particular healthy routines into your way of life.

You don’t have to do anything, just eat bananas with a glass of water at your home with a good room temperature every morning. You can eat all you want and as long as you can during the whole day.

Actually, Watanabe tried a lot of techniques to lose weight but still failed, therefore he wrote down all of the diet methods he had tried before and their outcomes. He also wrote some of the scientific information of his wife Sumiko, a pharmacist in the field of preventive medicine.

Watanabe and his wife Sumiko teamed up together and created the Morning Banana Diet that involves morning meal which is breakfast that consists of a banana and a glass of pure water. But you should not take or eat any food while waiting for lunch.

These nutritious bananas are rich in resistant starch which helps our body stimulate weight loss because it goes down directly in the large intestine. It is converted by the bacteria in our body into short-chain fatty acids that feed cells and sustain the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

This technique doesn’t minimize the number of bananas you should eat; therefore you can eat as many as you can until you are full.

The Japanese 80/20 rule is indeed beneficial and nutritious because they eat only 80% of the served food and leave the last 20% which helps our stomach for not overloading with lots of food.

In addition, you should drink a glass of pure warm water in the morning, wait for an hour, and then eat a nutritious banana to increase the metabolism in our body. If you’re still not full, eat more bananas after 20 minutes.

You may eat anything for lunch and dinner; however, take only fruit for your snack between these meals.

According to Watanabe, you should avoid milk and alcoholic drinks during the diet routine and your dinner should be at 8 pm. As studies have shown, sleeping late to bed leads to increased weight. Therefore, make sure you go to bed anytime before twelve midnight.

The main benefits of this diet:

Eating breakfast regularly helps stimulate metabolism and prevents overeating throughout the rest of the day

It is extremely healthy and nutritious

Bananas provide potassium and fiber in large amounts and energize the body

The water at room temperature enhances metabolism

Bananas will help you eliminate cellulite

It is cheap, effective and an easy way to lose weight

You can control your desire for food and regulate blood glucose if you avoid drinking coffee in the morning

It will help you reduce late night cravings and lower your weight in a healthy way

Reduces your alcohol intake


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