If A Deceased Loved One Has Ever Visited You In Your Dreams, Here’s What It Means

Many people believed that our deceased loved ones, though they no longer live on Earth, never really leave us. Some people had seen their loved ones in their dreams after they died. Occasionally, these dreams look like vivid and hyper-realistic to the point that you might be thinking that it’s really happening – making you feel that you are actually spending time and seeing your loved ones who passed away. These are commonly known as visitation dreams.

According to Dr. Patrick McNamara in Psychology Today, his mother and father died about one year apart and over a decade ago. Almost 6 months after each death, McNamara had at least one vivid dream with one or both his parents in it. Both the dreams didn’t feel like the usual run of the mill dream.

These so called visitation dreams have often common themes according to Psychology Today.

1. A message of reassurance, such as “I am OK and still with you” is conveyed by the deceased to the dreamer

2. Even though healthier and younger in appearance, the deceased appear as they did in life.

3. Dream arrangements are often more “normal” than bizarre and organized.

4. Once the dreamer is awake, he/she remembered the dream as it was intense and seem to be a real visit experience.

5. Rather than through spoken words, messages are often conveyed mentally or telepathically.

6. Often times, the dreamer is changed by the experienced.

7. The dream is followed by a resolution of the wider spiritual view or grieving process.

For those traditional people whose ontological weight to dreams is greater or equal as compared to waking reality, they considered visitation dreams as a convincing evidence between the existence of a life beyond the grave and spirit world. As of today, in our modern society, those visitation dreams have an impact on the bereaved. A lot of bereaved people say that their dreams helped them in giving a successful resolution on their grieving process.

There can be a number of reasons that your deceased loved ones are showing up in your dreams. These includes:

1. They offer protection, warning or guidance.

2. To convey a message.

3. To resolve an issue during their lifetime or ask for forgiveness

4. To comfort you for you to know that they are OK; they made it to the other side.

5. To show you that there is life after death

So, if ever you have dreamed about someone who has passed, try to think about why this is occurring and what they are trying to tell you.

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