Several people are facing sleep problems on a daily basis, for example; night terrors, insomnia, sleep apnea and sleep disturbances.

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition which is described by interruptions of breathing while sleeping.

If this illness is left untreated, it may cause constant breathing interruptions, which will cause a shortage of oxygen in the brain system and the body. This kind of illness can affect all people regardless of the age.

These are the two types of Sleep apnea:

OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) - it is the result of blocked airway to the lungs when the back of the throat’s soft tissue breaks down during sleep.

Central Sleep Apnea – there is no airway blockage in this type, but the brain fails to signal the muscles to breathe due to instability in the respiratory control center.

The leading risk factors for sleep apnea are allergies, a family history of sleep apnea, and nasal obstructions due to sinus problems, being older than 40, a very large neck size, gastro esophageal reflux, deviated septum or being obese.

However, there is a safe, natural, and effective way to cure it and develop your sleep quality. Moreover, it is very simple; all you have to do is to put some of the following plants into your bedroom:


This kind of plant has very strong relaxing qualities which can lessen anxiety and too much stress, slowing down the heart rate and produce a perfectly quiet atmosphere for sleeping.

English Ivy

English ivy plant eases your breathing pattern, improves the air quality inside your room, detoxifies the air, releases oxygen and eliminates airborne bacteria up to 94%.

Aloe Vera

This plant creates great quantities of oxygen that brings peace and calmness and cures insomnia.

Snake Plant

Snake plant helps you to breathe easily, releases more oxygen, and purifies the air which will help you to fall asleep easily and peacefully.