Discover What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Sex Life

Did you know that your birth month can actually describe accurately what your actual sex life look like? It might be unbelievable, but it’s actually kind of freaky to know how accurate the details are! So what’s your birth month?


People born in the month of December have the most enjoyable sex life. They are very creative when they are interested in one person. They love to try out new things particularly when it comes to role playing. They have a lot of fun in bed that’s why their partners would really have a good time when they are under sheets together.


People born in the month of November actually have a pretty kinky sex life. But of course, in a good way. They like to be possessed by their significant other. They are willing to try anything and everything even for the first time. They can also be possessive and a little adventurous.


People born in the month of October are expected to have the greatest sex in the world. They never rush into things. Being good at seducing the person they charmed with, they are one of the most enjoyable people to have sex with and their partners know this to be the truth.


People born in the month of September have the most amazing sex life on the planet. They are very passionate when it comes to romance, love, and sex. They would love to try anything for the first time and perform it if they have an emotional connection to a person. Anyone would be lucky to have them because they are very caring and mindful beings.


People born in the month of August have a little bit of a mess sex life. For some time, they can be super generous or extremely selfish to their partner. They hate it when being told what to do in bed. In order to impress someone, they show off as much as much as they can.


People born in the month of July have a pretty satisfying sex life. They crave for an emotional connection with their partner when they are under the sheets. They are very loyal to their partners. They want to let their partner experience the satisfaction they are feeling.


People born in the month of June have a very experimental sex life. They love to try new sex positions. They like phone sex and are very intense in bed. For them, nothing is unthinkable when it comes to trying out something new in bed most especially when the person they are with is also great in bed.


People born in the month of May are a sex god. They are very particular with people they have sex with. They are crazy sex machines that can’t really get enough. They make sure that they have the most proper settings to make love or they can’t have sex at all.


People born in the month of April are the most intimidating people to have sex with. When they become interested in a person, they are unstoppable. They give hundred percent of their performance in bed. People love to have sex with them but sometimes, it can be pretty competitive.


People born in the month of March have a sex life which tends to be some of the most mind opening experiences they ever had. Being an extremely spiritual person, they feel a special bond with the person they are with making them want to spend more time in bed. They are amazing in such ways that they are able to bring sex into a completely new level of intimacy.


People born in the month of February have a pretty adventurous sex life. They are very passionate with their partners but for some time, they tend to become emotionally distant from the person they want to be with most. However, they are those who love to explore new things as well as claim the things they desire.


People born in the month of January have a sex life which is pretty kinky for the most part. They are adventurous and anyone would really be lucky to stumble them across. They are very persistent once they were charmed with the person they crave. They often suggest unthinkable ideas that would not come into question but at the end, still manage to try it for the first time in their lives.


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