Ever since her childhood, Brittany Yost always imagined Reverend Ronald Adkins – her grandfather, officiating her wedding.

Unfortunately, Brittany’s grandfather passed away in 2016. Although Reverend Adkins got the chance to officiate her sister’s ceremony in 2015, he never had the chance to attend her own.

She tells ABC Radio News, “From the time I was little, I knew I wanted him to officiate my wedding, and he always told me he would be honored to do so. Truthfully, I would’ve been honored to have him there.”

Even though Brittany was really hurt knowing that her grandfather cannot attend and officiate her wedding, her relatives assured her that his spirit would be there.

Source: Sarah Irvin Photography

At the day of the wedding, as the ceremony was finishing up, everyone was asked by the preacher to bow their heads to have a short prayer. Out of the blue, there came a voice over the speakers!

The voice of Brittany’s dearly loved grandfather echoed through the hall. Over the newlyweds, he prayed and pronounced them husband and wife as well as asking the groom to kiss the bride.

Being completely shocked, Brittany told ABC Radio News that she completely knows who it was after hearing the voice over the speaker. She felt so much happiness and joy though her heart was shattered. What she really felt including the chills was really beyond description. She felt his presence as her knees weaken. A calming came over her as she felt a weight lifting off because her dreams had come true.

Jordan, Brittany’s now husband, told ABC Radio News that his experience was “intense.” When His wife broke down, he grasped her hands as he tried everything to comfort, embrace, and support her. Everyone who attended the ceremony cried like babies.

It turns out that Brittany’s sister used recordings of their grandfather while officiating and played it at the wedding. It was because she knows how much the occasion meant to Brittany.

Sarah Irvin Photography captured the moment as their grandfather’s voice flooded the hall.

The photos have gone viral since the time it was uploaded on Facebook.

Source: Sarah Irvin Photography

As the groom clutches his bride’s arms in support, Sarah managed to perfectly capture the overwhelming emotions of the bride.

Since the event, Brittany has told ABC News, “Having him pray over our wedding was the most memorable moment and one I will cherish forever. Family is very important to me, and I could not have imagined anyone else pronouncing us husband and wife besides my pawpaw."

“All the dreams I had as a little girl came true.”

Sarah Irvin’s photo has garnered over 22,000 shares on Facebook to date.

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