Despite the fact that some religions prevent to eat pork meat, there are still many individuals who keep on eating it around the world. Sadly, pigs eat the most horrible things like spoiled foods, urine, feces etc., causing all toxins to be stored in their fat and organs because they can’t be removed from their body.

There is a dangerous toxin that the body of pigs contains; it is called Yersinia Enterocolitica, when it is swallowed or consumed by swine, it leads to sickness, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and cramps. However, there are other microorganisms in the body of the pig and can lead to death, it is called Ractopamine.

Furthermore, Taenia solium also exists in the intestine of the pig which can lead to an absence of appetite and the Trichinella spiralis, a parasitic roundworm that may cause myalgia, edema, fever, and malaise.

Hepatitis E causes fatigue and nausea while Menangle infection can cause a headache, sweating, and anxieties.

In order to eliminate all microbes and bacteria contained in pork meat, we must cook it at very high temperatures.

Besides, be sure to wash your hands instantly after touching the raw pig's meat and make sure that it has no anti-toxins, chemicals, ractopamine, and medications

In fact, this animal feeds mainly on below average foods; we still have to doubt even when it's cooked well. The risk of incorporating all the harmful germs inside the body will rise when we eat pork.

Buying pork meat from factory farms is one of the most common ways, for reasons that they do not provide clean pastures, clean air for pigs and enough sunlight. Rather, they gave medicines and anti-infectious agents as food instead of green grass, so it grows and gets fat at a faster rate.

You can keep in mind that pigs residing in the field are surrounded by their urine, feces, and vomit that will cause pneumonia before it is slaughtered.

As you can see, eating pork meat has a lot of bad health consequences, that means we need to avoid it as long as possible, but if you still want to eat it, make sure you know where it came from.

Try to watch the outcomes of eating pork on the video below!


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