Female Teacher Performed This Act On Teen, 15, In A Car As A “Birthday Treat” and Now Faces Jail Time

She's facing jail time for it!

Students of all ages look up to teachers, considering them a trusted authority and often as a friend. When teachers break that trust and take advantage of the students they are meant to be helping, it can be completely horrifying.

When this woman added one of her 15-year-old students on Instagram, the student likely thought it was an odd but still okay occurrence. It was far from okay though. From there, they began engaging in repeated acts in her classroom, in her parents’ home, at a hotel, and in her car before the suspicious behavior was reported by the boy’s father. Now, this “gifted” young teacher is facing time in jail and other serious repercussions.

A Depraved “Birthday Treat’

Alice McBrearty, a 23-year-old teacher, cried as she stood trial for sexually taking advantage of her 15-year-old students for four months.

It all began when McBrearty added the student on Instagram, beginning an incredibly inappropriate relationship. After connecting on social media, she took her student out for meals and bought him gifts. It wasn’t long, though, before things became more disturbing.

“[The student] woke up one morning to see a friend request from Alice McBrearty on Facebook,” the prosecution said in a statement. “He felt special and accepted it. She messaged him asking for his number. They unfollowed each other but then she messaged him again and they started following each other on Instagram.”


The court was told that McBearty kissed her student in a classroom. She also took him to various locations, such as hotel rooms and her parents’ home, to engage in sexual acts. This includes an instance when she performed sexual acts on him while in her car in a garage for what she called a “birthday treat.”

It wasn’t until the student’s father saw his son’s telephone records and took them to the police that their relationship was confirmed. As a result of taking sexual advantage of a minor, McBrearty was sentenced to jail for 16 months. She plead guilty to seven counts of “sexual activity with a child while in a position of trust,” according to The Daily Mail.

“Branded a Paedophile”

“You engaged in a full-blown sexual relationship with a 15-year-old child. I accept he was consenting – what 15-year-old schoolboy would turn down such an attractive offer?” said Judge Sheelagh Canavan while sentencing McBreaty.

“I accept you truly believed this was a great romance, you were in love with him and vice versa, and that age didn’t matter. But it did,” he went on. “You were supposed to keep him safe, to help him make the right decisions. Instead, you helped him make all the wrong ones. You knew better and you did it anyway. He was precisely at the age when he was at the mercy of his hormones. You breached the trust between student and teacher to satisfy your physical and emotional needs. This was the grossest breach of trust over a period of months.”


McBrearty’s defense claimed that “This is a young lady who has had a spectacular fall from grace – university educated, comes from a respectable family – she has been utterly disgraced by this.” They added that McBreaty “is not sexually attracted to children,” but “she will, of course, be branded a paedophile for the rest of her life. She is a sex offender.”

The defense added that McBearty “has not been able to get a decent job that matches her qualifications” while on bail, and has been instead delivering packages for Amazon.

Read more about McBearty’s sentencing here.


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