Normalize Blood Pressure In 5 Minutes Without Using Any Medication

A lifestyle lacking discipline and a healthy diet can make you an easy target of having a high blood pressure. And sad to say, this is one of the most common diseases nowadays. This can be related to obesity, regular alcohol intake, smoking, sleep deprivation, and eating too many salty foods. His blood pressure could also be caused by stress or exhausting physical activities. Sometimes, these activities cause strain muscles and constricted blood vessels which leads to a rise in blood pressure.

At present, most people deal with high blood pressure due to stress, lack of sleep, obesity, alcohol, smoking and more. Furthermore, stress raises pressure, strains muscles and constricts blood vessels. You must find ways to relax your muscles and normalize your pressure.

A doctor in Spartak ball club, Moscow named Lu Hens, had found out the best natural cure used by Chinese people to relieve pressure in 5 minutes. According to Lu Hens, the best thing for the blood flow is for it to reach your tissues and muscles. If this can’t happen, diseases and stagnation occur. That’s why you should massage some points and heal.


Point 1 - extends from earlobe back to clavicle middle. Pamper this gently and slow with fingertips. Repeat 10 tips on each side too.

Point 2 - starting from the ear and extending to the nose. Massage this for a minute, on both face sides. Press mildly. This reduces pressure in 5 minutes.

Do these treatments regularly for you to see how it could normalize the blood pressure in just 5 minutes.

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