A house helper identified as Adelina was rescued by the police on Saturday, February 10, when it was reported that she was suffering abuses from her employer and was allegedly being forced to sleep outside the house for a month with just the dog for company.

By the time the police was able to take her away, her health was so undermined that she was quickly brought to the hospital to receive medical treatment, but with her severely weakened state they weren’t able to help her and she lost her life shortly thereafter.

She was an Indonesian domestic worker in Kuala Lumpur, and it was Tenaganita, a group devoted to protecting migrants from abuse who was instrumental to her rescue.

Sally Alexander, a Tenaganita volunteer told the Malay Mail that:

A post mortem will be performed which will determine the cause of death. She was scared to tell people of her experience. We’re hoping that this time, the truth will come out. But when she was still alive, she’s very scared and reluctant to even talk about her horrible ordeal.

Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim’s office asked Tenaganita for help with Adelina’s case. It was at this instance when the home of her employer was investigated by the Democratic Action Party (DAP) after some informants said that she has wounds on her arms and face because of her employers mistreatment. This allegation was strongly denied by the employer’s daughter.

She reiterated that they did not mistreat the maid, but she admitted that she had previously slapped the maid at least once or twice.”

The employer also claimed that Adelina has been sleeping on the cat porch for almost a month but the neighbors on the other had stated that she’d been doing that for far longer. She was also responsible for clogging the kitchen drainage so they had to purchase a chemical to fully decongest the hole. And according to them, it was this chemical which caused the burns on her arms and legs when she accidentally poured it there. They added that she wouldn’t stop agitating her wounds so it got worse.

Mr. Sim shared the last moments of Adelina on Facebook.

She was accompanied by Tenaganita volunteers when she lost consciousness at the hospital before she passed away. It was a final glimpse of humanity we can at least afford her.

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Source: www.tnp.today