According to The Filipino Times, Dina Tenerife Celo was seeking to purchase a piece of land in her hometown in Camarines Sur where she was hoping to build her own home. Her employer Melissa McPike gave her word that she would fund the construction of Dina’s dream home and even told her that once the house is finished she would be her first visitor. Dina received a whooping Dh 23,000 (around PHP 315,000) from her employer.

“I was crying because of extreme joy… I wasn’t expecting this at all. She just handed me the money in random. She told me that she knew I haven’t been able to save any money for this because I was also helping my family.”

The property was declared under her 21-year-old and only son, Ryan. She also plans to return to the Philippines on January 18 with Melissa’s son Saeed.

She started working as an OFW back in 1994, but her fervent hopes for a better future seem to have gone downhill. She kept this as a secret. In 1998, she got a job as a house helper in Melissa’s home. She was to take care of her imployer’s two sons, Saif and Saeed.

Eventually her contract with the household expired and she was then able to get work as a waitress and a cashier. Despite of this, she still kept in touch with her previous employer.

She remembered going back to the Philippines, and just as she was about to be home for good, Melissa contacted her again. She said:

“I’ve worked many jobs. But when the time came that I was too sick to work I decided to go home to my country. I was really thankful that they gave me my old job back after 14 years.”

The Filipina OFW expressed her utmost gratitude to Melissa and her sons for their kindness and generosity.

“Ma’am Melissa, thank you so much for everything that you’ve given me… and for treating me kindly. For Saeed, who’s now a pilot and for Saif, thank you so much for being such good children. I will never forget the kindness that you’ve shown me.”

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Source: www.tnp.today