A Netizen Accuses His Fellow Bus Rider Of Stealing His Cellphone During Their Commute

A Facebook user shared a post that a fellow bus rider has allegedly tried to steal his phone during an evening commute. This post comes with two videos he’s using as evidence.

A smartphone is a very important personal gadget used by almost every person in the planet today. It offers many uses like sending messages, calling people, taking pictures, browsing the internet and others. It’s basically a collection of different widgets we use everyday like clocks, calculator and even the desktop computer.

Being small and portable. People carry them everyday in their pockets, their bags or even their wallets for easy access. Unfortunately, we must always be aware of our surroundings and be careful where we place our personal belongings because they can be easy prey for pickpockets and thieves.

The suspect turned out to be the bus rider who was an old man wearing a cap and a dark shirt.

The netizen said that people should be extra careful around him since he might steal from them too using his scheme. At present though, it’s not entirely proven if indeed the old man was responsible for stealing the phone.

The netizen also didn’t indicate the location and time of the alleged crime. However, he was able to share two videos on Jan. 28, 2018, at around 12:49 a.m.

In the first video, the netizen (probably the person recording the whole thing) accused the old man with the cap and dark shirt. He stood on the aisle with the old man on the window sitting near where he is.

The netizen showed the tore in his pants near the pockets. “Look at what you did!”

He then focused his cell camera to the old man who was adjusting his cap completely ignoring the netizen accusing him.

“You put a hole in my pocket just to get my cellphone!”, the netizen added pointing to his ripped pants.

The old man however was having nothing of it and stared ahead like nothing was happening.

But the netizen was totally convinced that he was the one who attempted to steal his phone. He goes to mention that he was just pretending to sleep when the thieving happened just catch the old man in the act.

According to him, he felt the old man’s hands on the side of his pants where his phone was.

When the old man continued to ignore his accusations, the netizens warned his fellow bus riders about him instead.

Read his full post below:

Here are the videos that was along with his post:

What do you think about this story? Do you think the old man really did it? Just be careful and be vigilant always when commuting especially in tight spaces like buses. Give us you comments below.

Source: www.tnp.today