Moira Dela Torre gained fame for her part in the talent show “The Voice Philippines.” Since then, she has released songs that’s often played on the radio like “Torete,” “Love Me Instead,” “Tuwing Umuulan,” and “Titibo-tibo,” among others.

Recently, a schoolgirl grabbed the attention of the public when she sang an awesome rendition of Moira’s “Titibo-tibo” in a mall. It was recorded on camera and uploaded to Facebook by a certain Jelian Kate Escol.

Most of the netizens praised her beautiful voice, some are saying that it was the best mall show they’ve ever seen. Some has also noticed that the voice of the one recording the video was too noisy and its making it difficult to hear parts of the singing.

One netizen said that it might have happened in SM Marilao in Bulacan, although this was neither confirmed nor denied by the uploader.

When the schoolgirl started to sing, two SM sales people at the back waved with a smile. Meanwhile, her friends seemed surprised that she was singing in public, based on their reactions in the video.

This was probably why some netizens said that they were noisy during that time.

Eventually, other people started to flock and watch the shoolgirl sing. They cheered every time she sang the lyrics with emotion.

At some point one of her friends exclaimed, “Whoah, she’s good!” with obvious astonishment.

The schoolgirl gave her a bit of a disbarring look but sang all the way, determined to finish the song. “Can I get a picture?!” a friend said with a laugh.

“Titibo-tibo” is one of Moira Dela Torre’s latest singles in 2017. It was released by Star Music, which is the record label of ABS-CBN.

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