A viral photo of a man has been circulating the internet and has angered a lot of people. The photo shows a man with a beheaded Santo Niño figure, and it’s very implicative that he himself did it. This picture has since been getting mixed reviews from netizens.

Religous icons are held in high regard by Roman Catholics. Aside from the crucifix, there’s the Black Nazarene, icons of Mother Mary, the saints – and the Santo Niño or the “Holy Child”. This is the exactly why the photos spread like wildfire and became such a controversial topic.

It was considered blasphemy and impeded harshly on the sensibilities of the Catholic faithful. Most regarded the act of beheading the saint figure as a blatant disrespect for religion, despite the photos lacking any sort of context – it only showed that the man’s intention were unclear.

Here are some of the outraged netizens’ comments:

Whatever sect or cult you may believe in, you must learn to respect the belief of other people!

What if it was the representation of you or your family that was shown without a head? Would you be happy seeing that?

I’m not a Christian, and I find it insulting. Please man, we should respect others beliefs.

However, there are some comments from those who didn’t think there was anything wrong about beheading a Santo Niño statue. Others have cited passages from the bible which says that people shouldn’t really worship icons or any figures of saints.

What can you say about this story and this photo? What is your idea on why this man defaced the statue of the Holy Child? Do you find it offensive? Why/why not? Share your comments below!