The new year is in! Let old grudges be settled and breath in the fresh year and begin anew. Rather than spend your precious time plotting against your enemies, why not try to settle your misunderstandings and disagreements with something more positive and uplifting, like a game in any competitive sport or better yet, a dance showdown?

Just take a look at what these two business rivals, Jollibee and McDonalds, did. The dance off was a clever idea from two managers from both businesses who recently opened two new branches.

The video showing the dance showdown has gone viral. It was uploaded by a certain Lhen Mana-ay. It shows two groups of mascots on both sides of the road face to face in a dance showdown. It got the attention of passersby that it made a bit of a traffic situation.

What made the dance showdown more intense is that all of the respective companies mascots were there. Many netizens also pointed out that the branches of the two fast food chains were facing each other.

These two new branches of these two big fast-food chains are in Regalado Avenue, Quezon City. It wasn’t clear if the dance off was intended or they just happen to celebrate the opening of their branches at the same day.

A dance showdown much like this one that happened in China also went viral. In this video however the companies Vivo and Oppo were involved in an intense dance-off.

What can you say about the dance showdown? Do you know of any other way to foster friendly competition with a rival? Give us your comments below! Thanks.